Sunday, 25 October 2009

Working and cleaning... with some fun thrown in

The past week literally flew by. It was texturing week, which was basically messing around in photoshop with a tablet for a week. Plus having some more fun with Maya and crazybump.

We have been moved to a more game-centric view of 3D and it's been pretty cool. Including making and texturing a barrel and crate; one of the most common game assets there are. So much so that there is infact a website aimed just at them LOL

We were going for a Half Life 2 look to the assets. But I thought I would go for a slightly different avenue. So I went with one of my favourite games; Portal. Where I created what I imagined might have been the Aperture Science prototype of the companion cube

Plus I've been working on my typewriter, should be finished on Tuesday, then the fun job of UVing starts O_o should be interesting since my meshes are kinda weird >_<

Back at home I've been trying to keep the house in a relatively nice state, which is pretty difficult since the three guys I live with, lovely as they are, don't really like to tidy up. I make my fair share of mess, but I do clean up after myself even if it makes a day or two. But I'm talking weeks of mess that are still lying around. Plus we now have no glasses and hardly any plates cus they eat in their rooms and don't bring their stuff down again. There's gonna be a group meeting soon ... I can tell =P


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