Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Big News

Hey all,

I've got some big news....



Yeah so this was a big decision for me. I've really enjoyed my time at Traveller's Tales over the past year and a half. But with losing my dad at the beginning of this year. I've found that being so far away from my family really tough going. I also terrible for always wanting to be learning new things and experimenting with those new skills. However due to the way that AAA game development works, there just isn't the time for these types experimentation.

The final straw was being asked by one of my best friends, game designer Anna Harakopoulos if I wanted to accompany her on some travelling in 2013. And who was I to say no! So on the 1st of January I'm heading off to New Zealand, then onto Australia. I'm going to be back at the beginning of March so I'm not completely falling off the radar. But it'll be a great break and looking forward to a completely new experience very much outside of my comfort zone.

I slowly am getting various plans lined up for all the indie fun when I get back in March. But just in case you are making games and need a "Wielder of the sacred pen of Wacom" for 2D or 3D art based goodies for your project do get in touch. I'm planning on getting started on my dream of making an adventure game. I'm super excited and will keep you all updated as things progress.


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