Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mech time

Ok, first things first, big woop to Union VFX for being featured here about the use of Nuke in Danny Boyle's 127 hours. Nice one guys ^_^

Secondddddlllyyyy, I might be featured in the nintendo 3DS tv ads here in the UK. I've seen the rough cut and it's actually a good ad, even if I look like a bit of an idiot but nevermind =P

And finally, I'm working on a steampunk robot elephant at the moment. It's going to be the last piece added to my portfolio before I send it to a couple of people who want to see it. Though trying to figure out how some of the parts would work it slowing things a bit but I'll get there eventually. Also finally biting the bullet and learning about rigging since I'm thinking it's going to help make some decisions about how to model some of this stuff.

Any advice on making mech stuff would be greatly received ^_^